Balisong Butterfly Knives From Around The World.

Antique & Vintage Balisong Butterfly Knives


    These words do not mean QUALITY, do not confuse things of this nature with assuming all are QUALITY.

    Some models that are VINTAGE AND RARE are very well made however there are also models that are not.

    The high price has nothing to do with how it is made and has everything to do with COLLECTIBLE and RARE and nothing to do with QUALITY.

    So if you are not familiar with VINTAGE OR RARE OR ANTIQUE items then ask questions.

    You can even email me and ask questions about them, and I will even answer you.

    Things are COLLECTED on various reasons and ideas and notions so define your reason for buying ANTIQUE & RARE & VINTAGE items before you do so.

    Think about a VINTAGE AND RARE MODEL T, is that quality and well made vs. a 2015 Mercedes Benz G63?

    There are many rare models that are hard to find because they were not quality and broke so there are few left in existence making it rare.

    Buyers that are extremely picky and anal I suggest should shop in person at local shows so you can see the items first hand.

    Please ask questions about the particular item or items you have questions about prior to purchase.

    Vintage items are sold as is, no returns on antique items are accepted, all sales are final.

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